Dads escaped -Gone to work- now what?

That time of morning is creeping up. He’s getting ready to leave. Blissfully aware he has a full day of talking to other adults, having actual conversations with people. People outside of our home. People over the age of 5. Working fucking hard, but still.

Create a healthy balanced breakfast whilst providing quality time, sit down as a family, eat together, and talk together about the day ahead.

I mean, that is the idea. Our mornings seem a bit different.

Kids are choosing their cereal, oldest is moaning that she wants coco pops, explain again it’s not the weekend. Explain it is fair and give how many sleeps until the weekend, for both of our benefits.

I give the eldest her gummy vitamin to compensate for the lack of 5 portions of fruit and veg I know we will not achieve that day.

Youngest chooses his cereal, he’s already half-finished when I realise husband hasn't put in his liquid vitamin. Moan at husband for forgetting. Husband moans at me that this is brand new information. Take deep breath and roll eyes at said husband for pure ignorance.

Think back to how many times husband makes youngest cereal without said liquid vitamin, worry how long youngest has gone without a vitamin.

Something for me to google later. "Health implications for children who don’t have daily vitamins"

Husband starts to empty the dishwasher, groaning as he pours water out of upside down cups where I've sporadically thrown them in the night before. I'm just never going to be good at loading a dishwasher. I refuse to learn now, I'd miss the moaning.

Porridge warmed up, with blueberries, chia seeds and protein shake. Secretly feel smug at how healthy and clean my breakfast is. Block out thoughts on how much alcohol and chocolate I will inhale as the day goes on.

Husband makes his chocolate spread on toast. Think of how fucking unfair men’s metabolisms are compared to women’s.

Kids finish their cereal now want waffles with honey. Don't even know how this started, who started buying the waffles? Probably me. Definitely not healthy for kids.

Google later "healthy wholesome homemade breakfasts for children" something else for me to make,

for them to refuse to eat.

Husbands packed his lunch and his chocolate spread toast and he’s putting his work boots on. I sit down with the kids.

Husband comes round to say his goodbyes to each of us. He leaves. I take a mouthful. Kids are finished and want to go play.

I jump up to clear their plates and tidy kitchen.

Sit back down to cold lumpy powdery porridge.

Ugh. Is it only 0801???


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